Your phone is almost 2 years old and because technology changes fast, you want to make an upgrade.
But what can you do with your old phone?
  1. Give it to your parents, a younger sibling, or someone you want to give your phone to.
  2. Trade your phone in known places where they will buy your phone on the spot. But sometimes, it’s a hassle to find a good buyer and the best value for it.
  3. It can just be your second phone. Because you know, almost every person in the Philippines has 2 phones.
  4. If it’s no longer working, dispose it properly. Check out Globe’s Project 1 Phone.
With Gadget Club, you can now trade-in your phone to a new one and all transactions can be done online! How?
  1. Fill up the trade-in phone here. We usually assess phones at 30-50% of the current market value. But it still depends on the phone’s current condition.
  2. Once done, our delivery staff will bring the phone to your location and do a final assessment of your phone. He will also bring your new phone.
  3. If you agree with our trade-in offer, we will schedule the pickup of your old phone and deliver your new one!
  4. Price offer can go down if you have any misdeclaration.
  5. Once done and you take the final offer, you pay the difference. (The amount you shall pay will be pre-calculated.)
  6. And congratulations, you get your new phone!
We only accept Apple and Samsung phones at the moment. But we will be able to trade-in more phone soon!
Here are some important requirements if you want to trade your phone at Gadget Club:
  1. Phones must NOT be more than 18 months old.
  2. This is currently available in Metro Manila for now.
  3. You must buy a new phone at Gadget Club. (We do not accept purely trade phone transactions.) 
  4. Fill up this form completely.
  5. Make proper declarations about your phone because we make final assessments. Any misdeclaration will void our transaction.
Alternatively, you can visit our office at Bonifacio Global City to trade in your phone to buy a new one. You still need to sign up the form though, to check our stocks in the office for the phone you want to avail.
It’s really that simple! No need to spend hours looking for a buyer and find the best deals for phones. We want to provide you both!
But of course, it may still be a better trade value in other places, but here at Gadget Club, you save the time and we help you get more value with extra perks and special offers as a Gadget Club Member.
Interested to trade your phone online? [Click here]

With over 120M+ mobile phones in the Philippines, no doubt that Filipinos embrace mobile technology to connect with their family and friends.

Gadget Club was born to fulfil the demands of mobile phone buyers in the Philippines. We are innovating how we buy electronic gadgets online. We want to give our Gadget Clubbers the convenience of buying mobile phones online with great perks and privileges such as the following:

  • Free Premium Shipping – all our phones includes free shipping
  • Phone Warranty – your phone is covered up to 1 year warranty
  • Loyalty and Rewards – more promos and discounts
  • Trade Gadgets – like Greenhills, but more accessible
  • Flexible Payments – cash / credit card on delivery and installment is available
  • Customer Support – we are great in after-sales

We are excited to also add more phones and gadget accessories in 2018!

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