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As a Gadget Club Member, you can enjoy exclusive promos and exciting freebies when you become and member. All you need to do is to purchase any phone from our online store!

Here are the Perks you can enjoy as a Gadget Club member:



Premium Shipping

Any phone purchase will qualify you for a free shipping within Metro Manila. For Provincial orders, free shipping if you purchase a phone worth at least P15,000.

Phone Warranty

Phones purchased here at Gadget Club have warranties to protect your online purchases. To know more our Warranty Guidelines, please visit our Warranty page.

Loyalty and Rewards

We have exclusive offers and rewards to our Loyal Gadget Club Members such as discounts, vouchers, trade-in, trade-up, and more coming soon!

Trade Gadgets

We know that we all need to keep up with Technology. Here at Gadget Club, you can trade-in or trade-up your old gadgets. And it’s more convenient for you!

Flexible Payments

You can pay cash or credit card upon delivery for your purchases and if you want to pay via installment plans, we can refer you to our Installment Partner.

Customer Support

We have been in the gadget retail business for over 10 years and we have always been caring about our customers. We value our relationship and we always want to serve our customers well.


Want to trade in your phone, add cash, and get a new phone? We can help you get a new phone without breaking the bank. We’re here to provide you the best trade-in value for your phone. Yes, better than Greenhills!

For phones worth more than P30,000, like iPhones and high-end Samsung phones, we want to upgrade our gadgets every 1-2 years. We offer plans where you can upgrade your phones at no additional costs.

How to Join and Enjoy the Club?

Choose Gadget

Choose that gadget you’ve always wanted to have.

Use Voucher

Use WELCOME code as your P250 discount voucher.

Enjoy Promos

Be updated with the latest promos. Watch out for new products.

Keep Shopping

Keep shopping and enjoy more rewards.


Receive a Welcome Voucher for your first purchase!

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