Find out how you can trade-in or trade-up your preloved gadgets to a brand-new one!

How to Trade-In your Gadget?

Want to trade in your phone, add cash, and get a new one without breaking the bank? We’re here to provide you with the best trade-in value for your phone. Yes, better than anywhere else! However, we are currently only accepting Apple and Samsung units at the moment and currently available in Metro Manila for now. We accept phones not more than 18 months old.

Fill up our Trade-in form that can be found here. Please answer with all honestly so we can assess better.

Our staff will get back to you on the assessed value and make an offer. If you accept it, you can choose the new phone you want.

Our staff will bring your new phone in exchange of your old phone.

Note: Any misdeclaration on the trade-in form during reassessment can invalidate the trade-in transaction. 

How to Trade-Up your Gadget?

For phones worth more than P30,000, like iPhones and high-end Samsung phones, we want to upgrade our gadgets every 1-2 years. We offer plans where you can upgrade your phones at no additional costs.

Gadget Upgrade is only available for phones that are bought from us.

If your phone qualifies for a Gadget Upgrade, you will receive more details and options after your purchase.

If you subscribe to the monthly Gadget Upgrade plan, you can trade your old gadget when the latest phone of your choice is released.

Qualified Phones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, Samsung S8, Samsung 8+. This offer is currently limited to 100 Gadget Upgraders.


Receive a Welcome Voucher for your first purchase!